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Niche Cocoa Industry Limited has a cocoa processing factory in the Tema Free Zones Enclave, conveniently located 15 minutes from the country’s largest container port.

The Company’s newly installed capacity of 60,000 tons per year consists of world-class equipment installed by the best manufacturers of agro-processing machinery.  This capacity affords Niche the economies of scale needed to thrive in the global cocoa processing industry.

Niche has also recently expanded into confectionery production. With 10,000 tons per year capacity of cocoa powder and refined chocolate products, the Company has moved up the value chain to become Ghana’s leading bean-to-bar producer.


Cocoa Liquor

Niche Cocoa Industry, Ltd. processes a range of premium products from 100% Ghana cocoa beans. Careful attention is paid to the selection of beans for Niche products.

Niche produces natural and deodorised cocoa butter, natural cocoa liquor, and natural and alkalised cocoa cake and powder. These products are marketed under the name ‘Ghana Prime Brand’ and exported to cocoa traders and refiners around the world.

The Company has recently entered the confectionery market in Ghana. It now offers high quality chocolates bars for sale domestically, as well as chocolate spreads and instant drinks produced under the name ‘NICHE’.

Semi-Finished Products


Cocoa liquor is produced from cocoa beans that are subsequently ground into a paste. This liquor gives chocolate the unique physical characteristics which it is so well know for, including flavour and colour. In addition to serving as the primary ingredient in chocolate, cocoa liquor can be further processed into cocoa butter and cocoa cake/powder through a pressing operation.

Niche produces natural cocoa liquor in accordance with customer recipes.

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Cocoa butter is produced by subjecting cocoa liquor to high compressive forces which separate the cocoa butter from cocoa solids. Cocoa butter is used in refining chocolate and in the manufacture of ointments, creams, and pharmaceuticals.

Niche produces natural and deodorised cocoa butter.

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Cocoa cake is the residual ingredient when cocoa butter has been extracted from the cocoa liquor. This cake is then pulverised to make natural or alkalised cocoa powder.

Niche produces both natural and alkalised cocoa cake and powder.

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