Environment and social


Niche Cocoa Industry Limited and Its subsidiaries (NICHE) subscribe to Environment and Social Management Systems based on ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001:2018 and relevant IFC Performance standards. NICHE is committed to the production of safe and quality semi-finished and finished cocoa and cocoa confectionery products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We implement measures to ensure sustainability in our operations. Our belief is that the growth of NICHE is dependent on a sound environment and social responsibility based on Leadership commitment and employee consultation and participation. Management owes it as a duty of care to protect the environment, health, safety and human rights of its workers and interested parties. We use resource efficient, environmental protection techniques including pollution prevention methods and social best practices in all our activities, products and services to mitigate the adverse environmental and social impacts of our operations.

To this end, NICHE is committed to: Complying with legal requirements and other requirements governing Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Social. Integrating social and environmental principles in all our operations. Ensuring social and environmental considerations are included in all our decision making. Reviewing and managing potential social and environmental risks in processes and activities Providing continuous capacity building for all staff on issues of environmental and social sustainability, responsibility relevant to the business. Regularly communicate to all stakeholders on progress of commitments including achievements, challenges and future direction. Allocation of adequate resources for the implementation, management and continual improvement of its Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management systems. Promote Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental awareness and social responsibility by improving the competency of our workers on hazard identification, associated risk, environmental aspects, impacts and control measures through effective training programs. Enhance our occupational health, safety and environmental performance through continual improvement of our Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Encourage worker consultation and participation at all levels within the organization to build a positive safety culture and environmental responsibility.


Niche Cocoa Industry Limited and its subsidiaries are committed to producing safe and quality semi-finished and finished cocoa and cocoa confectionery products for consumption delivered in time and condition to the utmost satisfaction of the customer and in total compliance with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements at all times at maximum effectiveness and minimal cost. We implement a management system that is communicated throughout the organization and seeks to continually improve its effectiveness in accordance with legal and other requirements, FSSC 22000 standard as well as all other relevant food safety and quality standards and best industry practices. We regularly measure compliance against these standards and implement performance objectives to assure our customers the provision of safe cocoa products and cocoa confectionery products whiles meeting or exceeding their quality expectations.

Our approach is to listen to our customers and to openly discuss the individual requirements of every contract, ensuring they remain fully satisfied with our products and service deliveries. We believe continuous improvement is a joint effort and responsibility of every employee. Hence, we actively pursue an ever-improving system through programs that enable each employee to do their jobs right the first time every time. Compliance with the provisions and objectives of our food safety management system manual is mandatory for every employee. Niche Cocoa is also Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Halaal and Kosher certified.


The QC Department is committed and dedicated to monitoring the processes at various stages to ensure Food Safety and adherence to quality plan for all our products through real time analysis and getting it right the first time. All our methods for physicochemical and microbiological analyses are based on relevant International and Industry best practices including ISO, IOCCC and AOAC methods. Our laboratories undergo proficiency testing with recognized organizations to provide assurance of our analytical methods and results. Our laboratory activities are carried out under safe and healthy conditions to prevent work related injury and ill health in an environmentally responsible manner. Our goal is to be a certified laboratory and continue in compliance with relevant requirements of local and international standards.

NICHE COCOA Environment and Social Compliance Audit Report[19]-(download link)